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W. the Last GOP President?

Last week I received an email blast from the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, and it began:

I need your opinion: who would you like to see as the Republican presidential nominee in 2016?

You’re one of a few conservative leaders I’ve selected to take our 2016 Presidential Straw Poll.

Curious, I clicked the link and glanced at the names of 32 potential candidates from which I was asked to choose three. Then, feeling disheartened, I remembered a piece I wrote back in May of 2012 for PJ Media, a conservative leaning web site asking the provocative title question:

 “Could George W. Bush Be the Last Republican President?”

Unfortunately, not one name on that list of GOP leaders dissuaded me from answering, “Yes.”

When I first posed this question six months before the 2012 presidential election the comments were generally harsh and the prevailing opinion among my largely Republican readers was that ANYONE including a “ham sandwich” could defeat President Obama in November.

Now in 2014 with non-stop chatter about the 2016 presidential election, I feel compelled to revisit my controversial question of 2012 and the original ten reasons for trouble. In fact, several have worsened and for those reasons a “2014 update” has been added.

1. Rapidly changing demographic trends favor the Democratic Party.

(2014 update: In the 2012 presidential election Obama won 71 percent of Hispanics, 93 percent of African-Americans and 73 percent of Asians. But Obama only won 39 percent of Whites compared to 59 percent for Romney.)

2. An education system controlled by liberals that churns out young liberals.

3. A population with an ever- increasing dependence on government in the form of entitlements and subsidies.

4. A mainstream media that is overwhelmingly comprised of journalists are biased towards Democrats and liberal causes.

5. The influence of Hollywood, which makes it cool to be a liberal Democrat.

6. The growing power concentrated in local, state, and federal government worker unions, whose members actively campaign against Republicans on the taxpayer dime. 

7. A culture where non-traditional social and sexual behavior has become mainstream.

8. A hatred for Republicans in general and a tendency to

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