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Will the Supreme Court judges make Ghana proud – Election 2012 Fraud?

Supreme_Court_of_GhanaI am constantly in consultation and discussion with the superior White legal minds about the petition of election fraud pending before the Ghana Supreme Court. I am extremely happy to inform the Ghanaian public the world over that these Whites are closely monitoring the case to assess how intelligent, professional and dedicated Ghanaian judges are in dispensing their legal duties, that is, justice. I feel very proud to have foreigners who are eager to assess Ghana judges against the rumoured backdrop of being extremely corrupt, unprofessional and biased when deciding cases.



I pray the Supreme Court judges sitting on the electoral fraud case as lodged by Nana Akuffo-Addo and Co. will be professionals, to detect and avoid any astute manipulations of facts by any of the disputing parties. I want them to make me proud by dispersing the perceived, rumoured or real corruption within the Ghanaian judiciary once and for all, by how they decide this case. They can only do this if they will live above reproach, look at the facts and credible evidence presented before them by all three litigant- parties.



No amount of bribes should be enough to buy them. They should let their integrity sail them smoothly through this tempestuous sea journey of discovery of, and resolving, electoral fraud in Ghana and probably Africa, for good.



The case before the Supreme Court is not to be treated with kid’s gloves. The judges should not see it as a joke that can be decided anyhow. The fact that John Dramani Mahama has been sworn in, congratulated by foreign presidents and dignitaries, selected his Ministers etc, does not legitimise his position if indeed, the election was rigged in his favour. The Supreme Court will be erring if they decide the case on emotions, compassion and other considerations outside the built facts to be presented before them.



The fact that John Mahama is the declared President of Ghana is preposterously irrelevant to deciding the case. The judges must decide the case on the merits of convincing

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