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Report: Local TV ads had biggest effect on 2012 election

TVB / Television Bureau of AdvertisingJack Poor, the TVB’s VP of Political Research and Analysis, has issued a statement and supporting research based on TVB’s analysis of the 2012 Presidential Election that says just that—along with the fact that last year, local TV stations captured over 80% of total television spending in the political category.

“This is the post-election, pre-inauguration season when we have the final media spending data to help us analyze which campaign marketing services and advertising platforms had the greatest effect on the outcome of the presidential election. The 2012 presidential race may be over, but the battle for re-election recognition has just begun as big data, social media, mobile, TV set-top-box targeting, cable television and various other platforms seek to claim the glorious title of the Biggest Media Impact Maker on the 2012 Presidential Election. In the spirit of the season, local market TV broadcast stations would like to offer the facts which put this all in perspective.

This year, local TV stations captured over 80% of total television spending in the political category, far outpacing local and national cable and often at a higher relative value of costs to impressions. In fact, it is projected that stations maintained their 85% share of the local TV total.

Reflecting recognition from campaign teams on the reach and persuasion of Local TV, these stations’ total political revenue continues to grow at an extremely high rate increasing more than 35% (to $2.1 billion) in 2010 versus 2008, and by over 38% (to $2.9 billion) in 2012 versus 2010.

Local TV remains the premiere choice for campaign media strategists as Presidential spending on local broadcast TV stations in 2012 (from the conventions to Election Day) grew dramatically versus 2008, increasing over 65% to nearly $500 million.

Where were the changes?

Targeting was one of the primary areas of change for campaign strategists. This year in addition to MRI and Scarborough, Rentrak provided voter targeting TV viewing research by market and sub-market geographies for both broadcast and cable channels. The difference: cable tends to be targeted

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