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Ted Cruz says ’47 percent’ mindset, lack of faith in GOP principles, cost …




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Texas Senator-elect Ted Cruz delivered a speech worthy of a presidential candidate at a conservative gala last night.

As predicted, Cruz’s keynote speech at American Principles Project’s inaugural Red, White and Blue gala focused on how the Grand Old Party could gain the favor of the Hispanic voting bloc.

Speaking without a text, Cruz ignored the podium and walked the stage as he delivered a 30-minute speech that addressed number of ways the Republicans lost the Hispanic vote and the 2012 presidential election.

It was a rhetorical style that won him plaudits at the Republican National Convention and on the campaign trail in Texas.

Cruz also took the time to “humbly suggest a path forward” for his fellow Republicans. Some highlights:

The war on women vs. the war on religion

“How many of you have heard of the phrase war on women? What an utterly ridiculous deception,” Cruz asked the audience to a thunderous applause.

They ran a presidential campaign suggesting that Republicans want to take away contraceptives. Now, we saw this attack foreshadowing when George Stephanopoulos out of nowhere asked this random question at the debate – and by the way, why on earth do we have people like George Stephanopoulos moderating the Republican debate? The notion that Republicans want to take away anyone’s contraception is absolute and complete nonsense. I do not know

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