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Mexico 2012: Stolen Elections, Fragile Chance at Democracy

Look behind the curtain,  and speak about it,  and– perhaps,  your assassin comes.  And– there have been assassinations in the past six years,  many deaths in “mysterious circumstances.”

These matters are written back in the history of Mexico.  Before the Party,  Porfirio Diaz became Mexico’s great dictator.  Think of him as Emperor Palpatine,  except for the title he used.  He took over the Presidency,  called himself the “President”– and each election,  promised that he would step down and hold free and fair elections– next time.

For thirty-five years.  That beats Mubarek.

It’s hard to see through such veils of deception,  the smoke-screen of promises and lies.  ”Just wait,”  they say.   Again and again,  Mexicans have been told that their elections will be free and democratic,  that democracy will be restored,  and again and again,  they’ve been lied to.

Are they being lied to in 2012?  Time may tell– or we may never know. 

In 1988,  Mexico almost had a free election.  When the sitting PRI “President,” de la Madrid,  heard from his ministers that the candidate of the democratic opposition had somehow “gotten more votes” at the polls– Madrid put troops in the streets,  then announced that “the computers counting the votes,  have crashed.”  

Ten days later,  amid the fog the Party had spread,  Madrid released fake results that said the Party’s candidate,  Salinas de Gortari,  had won.  With guns pointed at them in the streets,  few dared question this version of “reality.”

One may learn much in Mexico,  of fraudulent elections,  about the tools and consequences of oppression,  and what they bring.

De Gortari,  the “President” who had been appointed by fraud,  attempted moderate democratic and economic reforms in his first two years.   His Party masters then pulled his chain,  forcing him in the other direction.

What then followed was the worst economic disaster in modern Mexican history,  coupled with an unprecedented transfer of wealth to the rich.   Mexico’s economic crisis today,  is the direct result of this fraud,  and this political-economic mistake.

Citizens of the United States,  of democracies

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